First Impressions Count

Create An Immersive Story. Hold Nothing Back

Lead with the franchisee benefits of what you do

We’re all drawn to making the conversation about us. But consider the quiet person you chatted with who asked a few questions, got you talking about yourself and said little. Most people walk away from an encounter like that and think, “that sure was one interesting person.” They made the conversation about you; not them.

That’s the way you should tell your franchise brand story. Satisfy “what’s in it for me” questions and you’ll set a deep hook with serious leads.

A great story is insightful and relevant to a serious lead. A great story draws serious leads in and captures their attention. When you write a great story online make sure it appears everywhere. Tell your story in brochures, sales sheets, videos, the Franchise Disclosure Document, direct mail, on the phone, email and text campaigns, webinars and presentations and blog posts.

Searching for a great franchise opportunity is just like shopping for any other high-end good or service. A serious lead, with intent, will thoroughly research available options. In fact, 65% of a serious lead’s research is already done before they decide to contact you. Make sure your serious leads immerse themselves in your story; and ultimately short-list you.

Common information Qualified Prospects expect to find online include…

  • Persuasive details about your opportunity
    • Marketing
    • Operations, support and training
    • Franchisee communities
    • Investment requirements
  • Industry sector growth, trends and updates
  • Storytelling videos
  • Franchisee profiles
  • Recent PR stories and news published
  • Blog posts
  • Downloads
    • Your online brochure
    • FDD summary
    • How-to whitepapers

Great Storytelling Checklist

There are many storytelling methods governed by a few core principles. A great franchise brand story should include the content listed below. It empowers visitors to educate themselves before making contact. Research shows this is what they want. Brands that give it to them end up attracting serious leads that lead to serious conversations.

Answer these questions:

  1. Does your storytelling answer burning “What’s in it for me?” questions?
    1. Do you focus on franchisee benefits vs what you do?
    2. Do you hold opportunity info back?
    3. Do you use acronyms only insiders can understand?
    4. Are franchisee stories sprinkled throughout?
  1. Can visitors easily find important information on their own?
    1. Do you encourage visitors to engage directly?
    2. Is your story logically organized to inspire credibility?
  2. Do you visually inspire professionalism and competency?

Storytelling Topics

Download our Great Storytelling Checklist and see how you stack up. If we can help, let us know.

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