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Pro Prospector Automatically Finds Serious Leads Hidden From Sight

Franchisee Recruiters Can Now Automatically Find Serious Leads

Franchisee recruiters chase a lot of bad leads, typically making dozens and dozens of calls; month after month after month. What’s the alternative? Pro Prospector from Franchise Pipeline Solutions (FPS).

All our franchisee recruitment methodologies and solutions work. Why because we use them every day. Now you can too. We’ll help you efficiently find, persuade and sign your most serious leads.

Our clients leverage a unique set of franchisee recruitment methodologies, processes and insights that automatically identify serious leads buried in piles of garbage.

Our proven approach, a decade in the making, eliminates up to 43% of unproductive franchisee recruiting time spent chasing bad leads. We know. We’ve done the studies.

Now talented franchisee recruiters can focus on your serious leads. How many more new franchisees do you think you could sign a year if your recruiter(s) were talking to more of the right people?

5 Franchisee Recruitment Traps to Sidestep for Faster Growth

Fast-growing brands can easily slip into one or more of these traps as they tackle the challenges of rapid growth.

Avoid them or risk hitting speed bumps along the journey.

Accelerate Franchise Growth... Expand Faster

How many more new franchisees would you like?

Discover the impact faster growth can have on your franchise brand in a few simple steps...

Recruitment reports no franchisor Should Live Without

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment pipeline activity.

These critical performance metrics are often scattered, if available at all.

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Integrated CRM and marketing automation solutions for startups, young and emerging franchise brands and franchise brokers with an emphasis on 'personal branding'.