10 Email Techniques

10 Proven Techniques to Create Great Franchisee Lead Gen Emails

Get Good at Franchisee Lead Generation Email and
Watch Serious Leads Beat a Path to Your Brand Story

1. Write your own subject line

This is 60% of email effectiveness. Is it relevant? Should I read, park or delete it? Do I recognize this brand? Your subject lines must quickly strike a chord with a serious lead. Doesn’t matter how good the rest of your email is. A bad subject line gets ignored or worse marked as spam.

2. Write your own headlines, copy and do smart design

This is 40% of email effectiveness. Great headlines, copy and smart design keep serious leads engaged. Keep your design simple and avoid spam traps. Serious leads read emails because they’re relevant.

3. Put yourself in your lead’s shoes

Forget your brand. Be a lead. Recall the top 3 things serious leads share about what got them excited. If you don’t know, ask. Build on that. And make sure your copy doesn’t just tell what, but explains ‘what’s in it for me’ so a serious lead gets it.

4. You’ve already written your own brand profile for portals, right?

You need to write your brand profile. You know your story best. If you’re not a great writer, develop the best draft you can and let a good writer punch it up. You know what turns serious leads on about your brand.

5. Test longer copy (150-350 words)

Despite hundreds of so-called “best practices” no one can tell you what works best for all franchise brands all the time. You want great results not aggregated results. You want to shine. In preparing your email campaign start with long-form copy and integrate subheads so a reader can quickly scan your most relevant points.

6. Test shorter copy (50-100 words)

After you’ve written your long copy see how short you can make it and still offer a benefit for a serious lead to learn more. Short copy takes compelling benefits about your franchise brand and teases the reader to click to learn more.

7. Test more than one subject line

Engaging a serious lead from the first second is critical to email success. Test more than one subject line, leave everything else the same, and see if you get a bump in your email click numbers.

8. Email more than one time

When your reports show an email hasn’t been opened it usually comes down to one of two reasons: missed/too busy to read it or it hit their spam folder and they never saw it. Email again after a few “no open” days and have a “check your spam” text message.

9. Only test one thing at a time

If you test, make sure you only make one change at a time. Otherwise it’s quite difficult to figure out which of multiple changes affected your results. A one-to-one test program is simplest to execute.

10. Track and analyze results

If you test, make sure you’ve got a way to easily track your results over time. It could be a spreadsheet you keep or perhaps your email provider can do this for you and deliver regular reporting.

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