Allow your recruiters to spend virtually no time weeding out unqualified leads

A great recruitment solution allows your recruiters to spend virtually no time weeding out unqualified leads and focuses precious recruiter time on your most Qualified Prospects. Where do you stand?
  • A good solution will import online leads automatically, and then send out follow-up emails.
  • A better solution adds notes, email send and open rate tracking and provides basic reports accessible from anywhere.
  • A great solution gives you advanced lead import and tracking, lead scoring, lead email nurturing, email and website tracking, text messaging, lead generation budget analysis, task scheduling and reminders, document uploads, a range of online qualification forms, robust reporting and much more!

Every recruiter has to make live contact with new leads. That can take 45-50 hours a month. A great recruitment solution can slash that time to near zero.

A good solution may save a recruiter 10 minutes burning through a new lead list; a better solution, 20 minutes, while the great solutions easily save recruiters 30 minutes or more for every new lead that hits their desk.

To put it in perspective, if you need to work 150 leads per month, a great system can save you 50 hours a month! How do I know? Grab a stopwatch…then read My 20-Year Journey to Great Recruitment Pipeline Management

5 Franchisee Recruitment Traps to Sidestep for Faster Growth

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Accelerate Franchise Growth... Expand Faster

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Recruitment reports no franchisor Should Live Without

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment pipeline activity.

These critical performance metrics are often scattered, if available at all.

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